Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crystal Candelabra - New Rental Item.

I am exited to premier our amazing new rental item. It is a  5 arm crystal candelabra complete with hanging crystals... It is  a stunning piece that is sure to make a big statement. Contact us today for rental information In CT and surrounding areas. You do not have to be a floral client to rent any of our rental Items.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Feather Centerpiece

It has been a crazy 7 month. The wedding season is slowing down and I hope I can catch up on blogging soon 

I created 2 of these purple ostrich and peacock feather arrangements for a candy bar. The couples theme was 1920's glam and these fit exactly. 

The silver stands is our candelabra with the arms removed. Perfect for a centerpiece stand

These are just to pretty not to Share! 


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not All floral designers are created equal.

This question was asked to me last night by  a photographer friend - 

Whats your opinion"Have I asked you this before... Do you use those horrible White plastic flower holders?? ...... if you do are they particularly for cascade style bouquets?? I LOVE hand tied ones SO much better and they LAST thru out a wedding where as more and more the bride who get ones with the plastic holders their hands HURT and they are SO heavey and the flowers are falling out by the reception :(  on these"


Sometimes a design warrants the use of these bouquet holders.. Especially for designs that include water loving flowers such as  hydrangeas or for an intricate design that you need placement control over such as a cascade style bouquet. The big difference is how you use the holders.  

A cascade style bouquet is heavy and can start to hurt after holding it for awhile. Plastic holders are not  long enough or sturdy enough to distribute the weight of the bouquet evenly when being held for a long period.

 Below is a bouquet that I designed for a wedding on Sunday. Its in a holder but you can't tell. Just above our logo you can see the stems wrapped in ribbon.  The holder is covered in greenery and you can't even tell it is there. This is a design technique that creates a hand tied look, while giving the bride the comfort needed to hold such a bouquet on her wedding day and the flowers a constant water source . 

Not all floral designers are created equal. Be sure the florist you select for your wedding is properly trained and knows the techniques needed to design you a beautiful bouquet that is crafted well

Cascade bouquet 
Bride holding bouquet 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Birch Chuppah

Last wedding season I was asked to provide a chuppah for 3 different wedding ceremonies. I took these request as an opportunity to add a Chuppah to our rental Inventory. The results where better than I could have ever expected and a huge hit. For the current wedding season I was asked for a organic version. I again decided to expand my rental inventory. After many hours, I can say its done! I am beyond thrilled with the out come and can't wait to use it in June. The last piece of the chuppah is the custom cover that is going to be made to fit.   I am also going to modify it so that it can be made smaller to be used as an arbor.  All though it has been made to be used as a chuppah it can also be used for a wedding canopy for an outdoor wedding. Contact us at for pricing and availability.
Original Chuppah 

Base of birch chuppah 


All thats left is the covering 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

April Special - Custom hair piece

Book any wedding date for 2012 and receive a complimentary fresh flower hair piece.  The hair piece will be customized to match your bridal bouquet and accent your hair style using fresh flowers.  Contact us today at to set up your complimentary consultation. If you are already a client you may also take advantage of this offer.  Deposit and contract must be received by April 30th for offer to be valid.  

Below is Samanthas custom hair piece. Red rose petals and the eyes of anemones are used to create her custom hair piece. It is accented with crystals and black feathers to mach her bouquet
photo provided  by |

Sunday, March 20, 2011

~ The show must go on ~

On February 16th I fell and  broke my ankle. I wish I had a great story as to how but I really don't, I tripped and landed just right on my ankle. Since then I have successfully executed 4 weddings, a Funeral and a very successful bridal show.  I broke it on a wednesday with a double wedding weekend just days away.  I am very grateful to the wonderful support I have had to help me during this time. My clients count on me and I need to be 100% for them.

 I have been in a walking boot for 4 weeks and I have another 10 days to go. The hardest part of all of this is not being able to drive. The boot is on my right foot and driving  with it is impossible...  I have my family driving me around from appointment to appointment.  I am even more grateful that I work for myself and can schedule around those helping me.

My clients have hired me to do a specific job and that job will always be done no matter what happens.  As much as I try to protect my self things do happen. The broken ankle is just a little bump in the road..... As always the show must go on and I am thankful that my 2 brides the days following my injury were very understanding of the situation  and trusted me to do a great job broken ankle or not.  If it had to happen I am glad it happened now and not in May.... I say its my bodies way of making me slow down before the busiest months begin. I have yet to slow down....

Thank you to all those who have been so understanding. It means the world to me...

~ Melissa ~ 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Whether you are single or in a relationship remember some bunny loves you! 
♥♥♥♥♥♥ Dunkin ♥♥♥♥♥ 

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Rental Silver Candelabra

I am excited to announce that we have a silver candelabra for rent. It is 30" high and has 4 arms with votive holder adapters.   I have 10 to rent. If you have more tables than 10 a mix of high and low centerpieces is always beautiful option. As with most our rentals there is no fee to use them but there is a minimum of $125 per arrangement in order for them to be used. Email for more information.
Beautiful ornate base 

Stem of candelabra 

Arm with candle adapter 

has a center bowl so arrangements can be easily removed
to enjoy after event 

Close up of center. Arms can be removed and used just as an arrangement stand 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A wedding planned in under 2 weeks

I meet Jennifer and Bill 2 weeks ago. They were planning there wedding for January 30th and had only been engaged for 2 weeks at that point and had less than 2 weeks to find vendors.  2 weeks was plenty of time to source flowers and supplies needed to achieve their vision   The only issue was a snow storm the week of the wedding delayed the flowers by a day.

 I couldn't have been happier with the outcome.  Jennifer and Bill are such a great couple with such fun  personalities and so ment for each other. They used old school game boards under the centerpieces and scrabble tiles on the place card settings anding the perfect touch.  The chuppah was adorned with garlands of greenery and coordinating flower and accented with  orchid garlands. It was simply beautiful!  The color palette was deep purples and blues perfect for a winter wedding.  
 Jennifers Review: ✭✭✭✭✭

If I could give Stylish Blooms more than 5 stars, I would in a second!! We decided to get married very quickly, and she put me at ease right away.

Stylish Blooms just did our flowers for our reception. Melissa was a pleasure to work with, relaxed, professional and very talented. The price was right, and we were thrilled with the results. Everyone thought the flowers were gorgeous and unique... just what we wanted!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feels Like Spring

Have a case of the winter blues? For $10 you can enjoy a little bit of spring in your home. With this quick and easy project  anyone can afford to enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers in their home/office.

Materials needed:

- Bud vases in any shape or color (these ones were from my great aunt)

- A bunch of fresh flowers from your local florist. $10 or so will be enough to do a grouping of 3 seasonal flowers

- Sharp knife or scissors


- Fill each vase with warm water and floral food packet provided by florist.

- Cut the bottom of each flower and place in to vases.  There is really no wrong way.
 Above I did a little grouping of heather, iris and daffodil - I could have put one flower in each vase and used the heather as fill in all the vases. The sky is the limit and

- Place in grouping and enjoy or use individually throughout your home/office

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter wedding

Winter Wedding 

I love winter weddings. We started the 2011 wedding season with 2 winter weddings. Both very different and both very beautiful. The second wedding was of  Stephanie and Tom and  was held at the beautiful  ST. Clements Castle. The night before Connecticut received 10" of snow making the setting for  their winter wedding perfect. Below is her bouquet and her sweet review.  I truly love what I do and I just love every thing about her  bouquet! 

Stephanies Bouquet of white mini calla lilies, 
crystal accented Stephanotis, Silver berries, and white feathers
Wrapped in white fur.

Stephaine's Review - 

"The flowers provided for our winter wedding were exactly what I asked for & she was able to stay within the budget I requested. Melissa was working till the last minute to find an accent flower I really wanted & picked it up that morning. Meeting her was easy (we chose a starbucks), pymnts were also easy (paypal on her site), and she carries a ton of decor with her to help design your wedding theme. Would def recommend her." Stephanie and Tom 1.08.11 

Visit our weddingwire account to read all our reviews

Sunday, January 23, 2011

~ February / March Special ~

Book your wedding/event* (over $1000) between now and March 31st and we will 
decorate, up to 6 of our candy buffet containers, to match your event colors and theme.

This Special includes, Rental of containers, design,  Colored table overlay,  set up/break down & candy scoops (if needed). Simply provide the candy and packaging and we will do the rest.  

* Limited to available dates and venues in Connecticut,
Flower total must be over $1000 before tax  | Has no cash value

Contact us for availability and any other questions you might have

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stock Photos

Time and time again I see the use of stock photos  being used to promote flowers. This makes my skin crawl. In a profession that is driven by creativity why would anyone want to use an image that isn't their work to promote themselves? I often wonder if prospective clients realize these images are stock photos and are not the work of the business.

 You would never want your caterer have you do a taste testing with food they didn't prepare or a photographer to show you a portfolio of images they didn't capture. So why has it become acceptable among florist to show images of bouquets they didn't make? 

I always try and show a prospective client my work and if I can't, I tell them this is an idea that I found that I think you might like. I  would never try to pass it off as my own designs.  Photos are a great way to convey to your florist your  likes and dislikes, but always  remember to ask to see pictures of the designers  most current work to make sure you like what you see.   Every designer is different and so should the images they use to promote their work.  

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First wedding of 2011

2011 wedding season is here! Our first wedding of the New Year took us to The Society Room in Hartford, CT.  It turned out to be a beautiful snowy day! I received a call from the brides mother today thanking me for the flowers! I truly love what I do. Our second wedding of the season took us to ST. Clements castle, Stay tuned for that blog!