Sunday, March 20, 2011

~ The show must go on ~

On February 16th I fell and  broke my ankle. I wish I had a great story as to how but I really don't, I tripped and landed just right on my ankle. Since then I have successfully executed 4 weddings, a Funeral and a very successful bridal show.  I broke it on a wednesday with a double wedding weekend just days away.  I am very grateful to the wonderful support I have had to help me during this time. My clients count on me and I need to be 100% for them.

 I have been in a walking boot for 4 weeks and I have another 10 days to go. The hardest part of all of this is not being able to drive. The boot is on my right foot and driving  with it is impossible...  I have my family driving me around from appointment to appointment.  I am even more grateful that I work for myself and can schedule around those helping me.

My clients have hired me to do a specific job and that job will always be done no matter what happens.  As much as I try to protect my self things do happen. The broken ankle is just a little bump in the road..... As always the show must go on and I am thankful that my 2 brides the days following my injury were very understanding of the situation  and trusted me to do a great job broken ankle or not.  If it had to happen I am glad it happened now and not in May.... I say its my bodies way of making me slow down before the busiest months begin. I have yet to slow down....

Thank you to all those who have been so understanding. It means the world to me...

~ Melissa ~ 

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