Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I can't believe tomorrow is the end of 2010. This year has been such a whirlwind filled with so many amazing couples, vendors and beautiful flowers! 

 So many things changed for me this past year that I am still trying to take most of it in. 
I was able to quit my part time job and just focus only on Stylish Blooms. I bought a floral cooler,  adopted a mascot, and lastly the biggest change of 2010 is I traded my 2000 Grand am in for a van.  I  had the pleasure of being a part over 45 weddings and events in CT & NY. Many of these couples have become my friends and I consider all of them my family. I truly feel blessed on how amazing 2010 turned out. I already have more weddings booked for next year than I did this year and that is the best feeling in the world.  I have to say thank you to all of my past clients who entrusted me with there wedding flowers, for all those who left reviews, sent cards and referred Stylish Blooms to friends and family and lastly I need to thank my family and friends for all the support, help and love they gave to help me get this far!!!!! 

Happy New Year!!

~ Melissa ~


Thursday, November 18, 2010

What if?

What if you get sick? What if you have an emergency? These are 2 of the most frequently asked questions I hear from prospective clients. 

It is  no secret that at times I am a one women show,  but when it comes to designing and setting up for weddings I would be insane to attempt it alone. I am lucky enough to  have wonderful crew to help me with flower processing, prep work, as well as delivery and set up. If I need design help for an event I have a wonderful set of trained designers who can copy samples and follow my direction.  Nothing leaves the studio without my approval. I am a control freak when it comes to my work and I am the only one who makes bouquets (those are mine). I have hand picked and trained an amazing crew to help with set up and deliver. They can deliver  bouquets, set up centerpieces and decorate cakes just as well as I can, after all they learned from the very best. 

One of  the best part about my job (besides the best clients) is most of the planning and designing is done behind the scenes giving me a very flexible schedule. Photographers, Planners, MUA, and DJ's work the day of a wedding and some work the whole day giving them a strict schedule to follow.  I do have a delivery schedule and set up schedule to follow, however,  its what leads up to that delivery that makes it different for me. The flowers and designs are planned out Months in advance and  the flowers and supplies needed for each wedding are ordered weeks in advance. I can design any time of day or night and because I work from home I can take my time . If it takes me 10 hours longer to design a wedding because I am sick, the bride will never know and it will not effect the final product or cost them any more.  If in the rare instance I have an emergency or end up in the hospital  I have complete faith in my crew that they will step up to the plate and be able to follow my directions and design the flowers needed for each event as well as execute the set up and delivery with the same care as I would.  I am amazed at how much Stylish Blooms as grown over the past year. I can't wait to see what is in store in our future! 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Custom Chuppah

After  receiving many request  from brides to rent a chuppah and not finding any quality ones to purchase,  I decided to craft one on my own. I  drafted the design and constructed the structure. The covering has been hand sewn by an italian tailor. The base is set in cement and can be set up indoors or out.  Unfortunately this is one of the few rentals that is  not complementary to use due to the set up and break down and the dry cleaning of the covering.  It can be dressed up with just greenery or with flowers (as shown in pictures). It was rented 3 times this year and is already rented for several events next year. It also can be used for outdoor ceremonies to protect from the afternoon sun. 
 Other color fabric is available for an additional $50. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

David And Lidia

Last year I gave away a free wedding package as a promotion and also as a away for me to add some innovate designs to my portfolio. The catch was that the couple would have to give  me complete control of the flowers and designs. I would take into consideration the couples wedding colors and theme. After many application I choose  Lidia and David. I had met Lidia prior at a bridal show and loved her wedding theme and just knew I wanted to create something  different for her.  She also purchased centerpieces and extra decor and bouquets (her party was bigger than the package).   The end result was beautiful and captured them perfect as a couple . They both loved to garden and the outdoors and wanted to keep the flowers and designs  What she told me was the theme was butterflies and the wedding colors were orange and purple and the rest was left up to me. 
Below is the creations I made for their October wedding at Wickham Park. 

Lidias bouquet consisted of Ivory roses, cinnamon cymbidium orchids, Orange mokara orchids,  purple monte casino and bupleurum. The bouquet was swirled with lily grass blades and I then attached the orchids and butterflies to the blades of grass to give it the illusion they where fluttering around the bouquet.  Because Lidia loves to garden I also included hens and chicks in to her bouquet so that she could remove them  from her bouquet and plant them in her new yard. 

Another view of Lidias bouquet,  a butterfly  also accents the stem wrap

Davids Boutonniere consisted of  cinnamon cymbidium orchids
 as well as hens and chicks  

Groomsmen's boutonniere of orange mokara orchids 

The bridesmaids bouquets consisted of green hydrangea, orange mokara orchids, purple stock, orange freesia, hanging amaranthus, and scabiosa pods. 
Orange butterflies accented both the bouquet and the stem wrap 

I also hung paper lanterns in the tent at Wickham park 

And decorated the arch at Wickham park with matching florals and butterflies 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So Many Choices

When planning a wedding you will find there is no shortage of vendors to select from. Choosing the perfect one for your event can be a daunting task. From photographers, to bakers, to florist and even Hair and Makeup,  you might find it hard to narrow it down to the "one". When starting to look for vendors start a list of what you are looking for in your vendors. Are you more interested in   price? Quality? An artistic eye? What every it may be doing  a little research about each vendor to help you narrow your list down to just a few. Read reviews, ask other newly married couples for references, and check out each ones website and social media pages. Wedding wire is a great  place to find reviews and to compare vendors. A good website will have all  information you need to help you narrow down your vendor list to the ones that you like and want to meet. Look at current pictures of their work and read the about pages on each website. Taking the time to study each website can help you weed out the vendors you do not want to meet.   Once you have your list narrowed down make appointments to meet the ones you like to go over the details of your wedding. 

To Be Continued

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Specials Valid With Deposit Till November 30th

Paper Lanterns
I am bringing back the paper lantern special. Book your wedding flowers (valued over $1000) between now and November 30th and we will decorate your venue for free with paper lanters (subject to availability) Up to 24 lanterns in your choice of 9 colors and patterns. Please note lanterns are unlit.  

* Subject to venue and has no cash value if offer can not be used at venue* 

Free Flowers 
as always throw bouquets are included with each wedding we design and for a limited time will also include flowers for the top of your cake as well as 
flowers to accent the layers. 
* has no cash value if offer is not used* 

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Quest for Heathers Dahlia's Part I

I had met Heather and her best friend Lilit about 45 days ago to discuss flowers for Heathers wedding. Heather LOVED dahlias and was getting married at the right season for them. The wedding was to take place in her Uncles gorgeous back yard with a amazing pool and yard. We had decided  on dahlias for her bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets. The idea of floating dinner plate dahlias in the pool along with candles was  the perfect finishing touch to this beautiful wedding. The plan was in motion.........

I placed my order for the dahlias 2 weeks before her event  just to make sure the availability. Growers said no problem and the plan was set...  Fast forward to the week of the wedding....  The dahlias had come in and were not the quality they needed to be and the dinner plate dahlias didn't even come in. I called all over and had made at least 20 phone calls, to Boston, NYC and all the growers in between with no luck. The back up plan, after a state wide search for dahlias, was going to be yellow zinnias for the bouquets and clusters of large marigolds for the pool. Heather was Ok with this plan but I could tell she was bummed about the dahlias...

After I picked the backup flowers from a few local farms and was heading home to start the designing of her flowers, I received a phone call from a sweet lady who is a dahlia grower and has such a passion for this amazing  flower.............................

To be continued ...............

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August special ~ Paper lanterns~

August Special:
Book a wedding or event for 2011 and we will decorate your venue with paper lanters for free (if allowed*) Includes up to 24 lanterns and includes instillation, and break down. Valid In CT. 

Solid Colors:
 White, Light Pink, Magenta, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Apple Green,
 Dark Purple, Red, Yellow & Orange 
Lt pink, magenta and apple green polka dots on white
Dk Blue/Lt Blue/Green Polka dots on white 

Mix and match colors

Email or call us to set up your complementary consultation 860.392.8045 

Shown Below The Barns At Weslyan 
with white paper lanterns and indoor lights with green strings
add the indoor lights for $200 Extra up to 400'

*Has no cash value if can't be used at venue*

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here we GROW again..

I started Stylish Blooms not just because I love flowers and designing, But also because I believe that every one should  have access to  flowers that are beautiful, personalized and affordable. My commitment and involvement to my clients is my number one priority and will always be no matter how much we grow. After much deliberating and consulting I have decided to make a few changes to some of my original policies.  These changes are necessary to help continue to grow and maintain the core values Stylish Blooms was born on.   These changes will also allow me to be better accommodating to my clients new and old and properly handle any new request. My involvement will never change and neither will my values, and  I will not be raising prices anytime soon. The changes are to delivery policies and service fees.  I will also be adding a few good people to the Stylish Blooms crew who are hand picked based on their talent and their abilities to represent Stylish Blooms accurately and professionally. This only applies to new contracts signed with Stylish Blooms. Every client who has already signed a contract will not be subject to any additional fees.  

Here is the new policy changes and they also can be found on our website at
Event Delivery 
Basic delivery is included with our services over $500. This includes 2 delivery locations within Connecticut.  A $35 fee will be added for each delivery location  requested beyond the included 2. A $35 fee will also be charged for any deliver request made 2 hours before start of the event. (unless deemed necessary or at the venues request) Events under a $1000 may be delivered by one of our trained employees. 
Events under $500 may either be picked up at our studio or can be delivered for a small fee of $35 to one location within Connecticut and may  be delivered by one of our trained employees. 
A $1000 Minimum is required for events located in NY, MA, RI, NH, VT and will incur a travel fee of $.50 per mile each way from zip code 06010 and will be serviced by myself   
For all other locations outside of new england please refer  to our
Basic delivery includes: 
Placing of centerpieces cake flowers and other arrangements  ordered for the reception, setting up of church/ceremony decor,  delivery of corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets.  All corsages and boutonnieres will be labeled  for easy distribution.
Please note that events that include the use of our Chuppah or Arch already included  the set up in the price and will be delivered and set up personally by myself. 
Rentals and decor instillations will be invoiced and billed separate from floral details and will require a rental agreement to be signed regardless of the rentals are free of use or not. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are those expensive?

Today was a busy day and not because of weddings. This was the only free Saturday that I had open  and decided to take advantage of it by meeting with a few new brides.  I meet with a lovely couple for their October wedding to start out my day. As I was giving my expert opinion and suggestion for  fall flowers that would work  for their style they asked "Are those expensive"? I hear this a lot and yes some flowers can be very pricey when not in season and for others its all about how you utilize them.   This question was asked in regards to a Asiatic lily in comparison to a rose.  All though the difference in cost is a few dollars its the perceived value of the lily that makes it less expensive choice than the rose.  For instance if a rose cost $5 and if a stem of lilies cost $7  you might say well the rose is the less expensive choice. Before you can make that conclusion you first should think about how the flowers are going to be used. A lily will have 2-3 nice sized open blooms and a few buds per stem making each bloom about $2.50 each. 3 lilies  in a vase with greenery will give you a full look for about $35 with the cost of the flowers and vase. Take the same vase and substitute it with roses for $35 and you will get about 5 roses. 5 rose will not have the same impact as the 3 stems of lilies because the lilies  have more blooms per stem and are a bigger, fuller flower. You would need to use about 10 roses to achieve the same fullness as the arrangement with all lilies costing you more money closer to $60. Don't hesitate to ask for the flowers you love because when flowers are used correctly they can be affordable no matter the price per stem. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

July Special

July Special, $200 deposit must be paid by July 31st to guarantee price.  valid for 2010/2011 weddings and events in Connecticut... For other areas please contact us for pricing 
Contact us for more information. or 860.392.8045

24dz roses, for $1200... The roses  can be designed into bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces and more... you will also have the choice of 2 types of greenery and 2 different types of filler and your choice of up to 4 different color roses ( not valid with certain varieties or garden roses)

This special will also includes:
(all subject to availability)
Use of rental vases for your centerpieces (up to 12)
Use of our custom chuppah or garden arch
12 pew bows in your choice of colors

all the above can be decorated with roses and greenery

The only extras you would pay for are extra greenery or filler (if requested), extra supplies (if needed for more complex designs)

$1500 - 24dz roses and 4 dozen Hydrangea (blue, white or green)

$2000 24dz roses and 6dz large calla lilies or mini cala lilies

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Price shopping

I was asked  a few weeks ago by a new client if I could look at a quote already given to her and if I thought I could beat the price she was given. All though I am as  budget friendly as they come,  this is something I simply can’t do. However  I explained to her that I could give her a price based  on my take of her vision and the look she wanted to achieve for her event, and  from that I would develop a proposal that worked with in her budget.  I advised her it would be best for us to meet so I could learn about her event, get to know her and also to show her what my company could offer her wedding.   She understood the reasons and was happy to meet to discuss all the many options I had for her.  So I thought I would share with you why this is something I can’t do blindly.

  I cant beat someone else’s price quote because:  

A: I do not know the quality or grade of flowers being used. I.e, 40cm roses versus 70cm roses or in this case the church pieces described “a mix of   seasonal” flowers does this “mix” include carnations and daisies, or  the real seasonal fall  “mix” such as zinnias and sunflowers?  

B: I do not know the sizes the quote is based on or the number of flowers the designer had intended to use for each piece. The

C: each designer uses different suppliers, different growers,  offers a different service and prices designs differently and thus makes it impossible to know what their final price is based on

 In cases like this I suggest a consultation so that I can show them what I have to offer and suggest ideas that work for their event and budget. I will then give a fair price based on my quality and my personalized service.  I met this client last week and not only was I able to give her a better price but was able to give her more than the original one she had presented, I even showed her options she never considered but loved. Its ok to shop around, In fact I encourage it, in the end choose the designer who you feel is best for your event and your vision and wallet.  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My new camera

A few months ago I had to purchase a new camera and it was one of the longest and hardest purchases I had made in a while. My last camera was on its last leg and with the wedding season fast approaching I had to make a decision fast. Along with my new camera I vowed to my business that I would take better pictures and lots more of them. I played with the camera settings  indoors and out played with natural light and different backgrounds. I still couldn't capture the beauty of my designs. It wasn't until I found this amazing rock out side the studio that I took my portfolio to another level. I started by making a logo to add to the new images and then updated the online galleries . It was hard to delete older pictures but I knew it was for the best. I have some amazing photographer friends who  capture my designs so perfectly. Special thanks to Aurora from for doing it so well. But Lets face it I can't always have a profesional photographer around to take pictures of every event and I can't always rely on my clients hired photographer to give me images. So its up to me to document my designs. I some times take over 50 images of one design to make sure I get at least 1 perfect picture.  My portfolio has never looked so good and I feel that the pictures finally represent who I am as a designer.   

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Did you Know.........

Flowers have faces just like we do. A good designer will know how to find the best side of the flower and make sure it is the first side you see when you look at the design. When working with blooms that have a distinct “face” the blooms should all face each other. Just like when you have your picture taken the photographer creates poses that  highlights your best features. The same applies when designing with flowers. For example these cymbidium orchid corsages seem the same, they have the  same bow and the same number of flowers. The only  difference is how they are designed.  In picture #1  the flowers all face each other creating a fuller look and highlights all the blooms.  In picture #2 the flowers are randomly placed and  you can’t see all the blooms at first, making  your eye wonder around  looking for a focal point.  So next time you see a flower see if you can find its "face".  

Monday, May 17, 2010

4 weddings 2 weekends... Let the designing begin

This week starts the beginning of 2 double wedding weekends in a row for us .  I can’t wait to start designing each of them. All 4 are different  in style, color and theme and I am just as excited to see each one come together. I prepped this weeks weddings today to make life easier. Saturdays wedding has a organic feel that will combine  green moss, grapevine, burlap, green, peas and  raffia with Blue, green and cream flowers. With all the textures and earthy elements its sure to be eye catching. Sundays wedding is simple and classic and will incorporate full size calla lilies. Each one is truly unique and represent each couples style perfectly.  Next weekends weddings are just as different Friday  nights incorporates corals, greens and creams with navy blue and pearl accents and Saturday we will  bring in bright pops of color and  stunning centerpieces of oranges, purples, hot pinks, greens and blues........ Stay tuned for more details and pictures from these 4 amazing events. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And His Name Is....

Last week in the midst of 3 events I decided I needed to adopt a studio mascot. Being pet less for over 18 months it was about time to add a new member to my family... so here he is the newest member of Stylish Blooms .....

And his name is...
Now most of you who know me will get this! Those of you who dont, lets just say I love my coffee! 

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rethinking DIY

Planning a wedding is not only time consuming but can also be expensive. More and more brides are choosing to make their own bouquets and centerpieces in hopes to cutting expenses. But what happens when your perfect plan to DIY is disrupted by mother nature? What would you do? Who would you call?  I  hope this blog will help make you second guess before you decide not to hire a professional florist.

 Imagine you have decided to DIY and make your own centerpieces and bouquets. You have made a plan and decided that because tulips are your favorite flower that you will use them for your spring wedding.  You have recruited friends and family to help you make them the day before and arranged to have someone deliver them to your venue. You know that you can get the tulips at your  local market and made arrangements with them to order you the 300 stems you need to fill your vases and make your own bouquets.  Any bride would be happy with this plan, after all  you are using your favorite flowers and still saving money.  Now Imagine that a volcano has irrupted in Iceland and has shut down all flights to and from the US from northern European countries, thus  preventing your tulips from arriving. Although tulips are grown in many parts of the world a majority of them are grown in Holland and last week yours never made it for your wedding as planned.   Would you know what to do or who to call?  This is what happend last week and it effected all holland grown flowers. Its a scary reminder that you just never know when mother nature will strick. So before you decide a professional isn't worth the expense remember  they will be the ones you are calling when a DIY disaster hits again. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Not just any old Boutonniere

I recently received a complement from a new client that actually made me stop and think. Really? She told me that she thought my boutonnieres were unique and nothing like she had seen before.  Till then I always wondered if any brides really looked at them because they are not the biggest expense when it comes to wedding flowers. This bride had and  it made her confident to know that I took great care in creating something so small. 
 What a sweet bride. 
So I decided to select a few of my "unique" boutonnieres to share. Enjo

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Flower Misconceptions Part I

The biggest misconception when it comes to flowers is how much they cost; Yes its true Stephanoits, peonies,  mini calla lilies and even hydrangeas can get expensive, But when used in moderation they can easily be incorporated in to almost any wedding budget.   Dont be afraid to ask your florist for flowers that you think you can't afford. You would be surprised on what you can afford when you are working with a creative  designer who understands your style and budget. By using other flowers that complement the more expensive blooms you can keep the flowers that you love without having to sacrifice your budget. There is always a creative solution to expensive flowers,  be honest and open and let the experience of your florist guide you in the right direction. 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hand picking our flowers

The flowers used for designing our weddings and events are ordered specifically for each event. To insure the quantity of flowers, colors and flower types, flower orders are placed weeks prior to the event. Even though orders are placed well in advance of each event I still hand pick each flower used. I personally go and pick up the flowers that I have ordered for the weeks event. This allows me to inspect the flowers for quality, color, and also to make sure the quantities match what is needed to design the order.  I love to walk around the coolers of the wholesaler and look for any other flowers or greens that go perfect with the other flowers ordered.  You never know what flowers you might find stocked that week in the coolers of the wholesaler. Even though most wholesalers offer a delivery service I choose not to utilize the service, this way I know that the flowers I have ordered are perfect and handled with care.   Once the flowers are in the studio they are processed by removing any foliage that may rot,  given a fresh cut and hydrated in a floral solution. I monitor the flowers and make sure they are opening up properly and hydrating until they are used in our designs.  These extra steps help in maintaining the quality and freshness of all the flowers we use. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peony or rose?

Peonies are one of the most classic and popular wedding flowers to date. There fullness and simplicity make them perfect for bouquets and centerpieces.  Any one who loves peonies knows that they also come at a hefty price, even when in season. The price can detour brides from using them, even when  they love them.  The above bouquet was made using garden roses. Garden roses are the perfect substitute for peonies, The size and shape mimic the peony and to the naked eye it might be hard to detect the differences.   Choosing an experienced and knowledgeable designer to design your wedding flowers not only will save you money, but will insure your flowers are perfect. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Say what you want!

I wanted to write but I am not sure what to "blog" about.. January was such a good month and so much happened that its hard to write about just one. From bridal shows to photo shoots to new bookings it was filled with growth. Thank you to Aurora Photography for being such a great supporter of Stylish Blooms. Its nice to know that my work is going noticed and that I have a great support system with other vendors. Together I know we will give Connecticut brides the best service around sharing our passion for what we do!

Being a young company isn't easy. Getting established, promoting and meeting clients is 24/7 job. Its a lot of work but it has been so rewarding. I wrote my business plan over 11 years ago as an assignment for a college business class and wouldn't change a thing. I look at it every now and then as a reminder of how far I have come and to keep me on track when things seem crazy. The critics can say what they want, they can throw stones and try to discredit the foundation of my business but none of that matters. I believe in what I do, and all that I have to offer and it seems my clients do too. And in the end its my clients that matter, not the critics.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The beginning

About 18 months ago I started Stylish Blooms and from that point on I have not looked back. I have invested my own money and countless hours into setting the foundation and couldn't be happier with the results. From High school on I have worked in flowers shops. I trained for 2 years before obtaining a A.A.S in horticulture and I just love flowers. I formed Stylish Blooms because I felt i did not have creative control working at mom and pop flower shops. They called the shots. From the quality of the flowers to the pricing, I had no control or say because my name wasn't on the door. I knew that my passion deserved better and brides deserved their wedding flowers to be crafted carefully and with love. Since forming Stylish Blooms it has been a delight to see all my hard work shine. Brides are excited to see how much money they save while still getting the same quality of a flower shop. I love the fact that no one tells me to do the wedding later because there is funeral work or deliveries that are "more important" to me weddings are more important. I can take my time doing what I love and not be inhibited by a work schedule or time clock. I couldn't be more happier with the results. I hope 2010 is just as good to me as 2009! Thank you so much for your support! ~