Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hand picking our flowers

The flowers used for designing our weddings and events are ordered specifically for each event. To insure the quantity of flowers, colors and flower types, flower orders are placed weeks prior to the event. Even though orders are placed well in advance of each event I still hand pick each flower used. I personally go and pick up the flowers that I have ordered for the weeks event. This allows me to inspect the flowers for quality, color, and also to make sure the quantities match what is needed to design the order.  I love to walk around the coolers of the wholesaler and look for any other flowers or greens that go perfect with the other flowers ordered.  You never know what flowers you might find stocked that week in the coolers of the wholesaler. Even though most wholesalers offer a delivery service I choose not to utilize the service, this way I know that the flowers I have ordered are perfect and handled with care.   Once the flowers are in the studio they are processed by removing any foliage that may rot,  given a fresh cut and hydrated in a floral solution. I monitor the flowers and make sure they are opening up properly and hydrating until they are used in our designs.  These extra steps help in maintaining the quality and freshness of all the flowers we use. 

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