Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crystal candelabra rental fee

Our crystal candelabras have become very popular.  We recieve  many request weekley from couples looking to rent them and then ..... they hear how much they cost.  

 The rental fee starts at $100 each and can run even more depending on the venue and setup time constraints.  If rented in combination with our floral services the fee is less. 
Now to explain the cost.  Each candelabra comes in 2 parts the base and the arms and are assembled onsite. If 10 candelabras are rented then 20 boxes are loaded out of storage and into the van where they are brought to our work area, inspected and tuned up. They are then loaded back into the van to be taken to the wedding venue and then unloaded again for assembley.  Each candelabra also has 5-6 glass shades that are hand washed for each event and are added to the candelabras after they are assembled onsite.  

Prep time is 2 hours,  time to load in, remove boxes  and set up each candleabra is 2.5 -3.5 hours with 3 people.  Load out time and break down at end of the night is about 1.5 hours and normally done around midnight with 2 people. 

Beware of individuales who rent them for cheap.  If your wedding is taken place in Connecticut make sure they come with candles shades and not taper candles and that the cost of those items are included in your rental agreement. Most of all make sure the company or individual is setting them up and breaking them down at the end of the night and that it's not your responsibility to do so.  No couple should have to nor want to spend 6 hours the day of their wedding setting up and taking down decor. 

From This ........ 

To this.....

With Flowers 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Signature tall centerpieces

 We receive many request for our signature tall centerpiece designs. 
 These types of  designs cost more than shorter style centerpieces.  Not just because they require more flowers but the set up and break down takes that much longer.  Transporting them to the venue takes more time and man power and breaking down at midnight adds to the cost. 

We design these style of centerpieces often and know exactly the amount of flowers and time it takes to construct them and how much time is needed to set them up and have them in place before the start of the reception. Some venues only give us 2 hours to get in and get out, not leaving much room for error or mistakes.  Thankfully, when you hire us, you'er also hiring our crew that is trained to handled the tightest of time constraints.  

The visual impact these types of centerpieces make can't be duplicated and is worth every penny.  Knowing that each one will be designed beautifully and set up in time and with love, is priceless. 

Happy Planning, 

Image © Studio 1923 

image © studio 1923 

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Come bloom with us!

We are seeking a talented, dependable individual to join our crew and help assist with wedding prep and set ups.  This job is NOT for someone who thinks playing with flowers would be fun. This is a fast paced, time sensitive position that requires the perfect person. 


- Must be able to  work in a fast pace environment  and lift up to #40 pounds. 

- Hours and days vary depending on the weeks events and can range from 10-15 hours per week/event. Days/times vary week to week and some weeks there may be no hours. 

- Available weekends 

- Season runs from May-October  

- Basic floral design knowledge or experience with weddings preferred. Will train the right person, if      needed   - If you have your own floral business or plan on starting one, please do not apply.

- Pay depends on experience and ranges from $10-$30 an hour - 

- Must have reliable transportation and be able to get to our studio in Bristol, CT.   

- Job consist of, but not limited to,  container prep, cleaning flowers, packing and cleaning rentals, assist with deliveries. Light design work.

If this sounds like something you can commit to this wedding season please email us at with your info and we can give you more details. 

- please no phone calls - 

Friday, November 16, 2012

A few of our favorites from 2012!

Just taking a moment to share a few of our favorite designs from the past few months! I have a lot more to share...  Happy Planning
Juliet garden roses with peach berries and curly willow tips
Bridesmaids bouquet 

Colorful bouquet of peonies, garden roses, succulents, ranunculus and berries
Brides bouquet 

Stems bound in birch bark and tied with rafia 

Orange ranunculus boutonniere  
© Lynn Puzzo Photography 
Colorful fall bouquet  featuring gerbera daisies, sunflowers,
calla lilies, and lisianthus 

© Deborah  Zoe Photography 

up close  image of the above bouquet that I took 
Thistle, protea and call lilies bound in raffia and accented with wheat 

All white bouquet in November.  - It wasn't winter
Roses, ranunculus, stephanotis wrapped in crystals 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Goodbye wax candles .... Hello fuel cells

Over the past 6 months I have phased out all wax candles in our rental votives and candelabras  by switching to fuel cell candles and now I am happy to say I have made the switch over for all our floating candles, making all our candles 100% wax free. 

 I have made the switch to fuel cell candles for a few reasons. 
a. they burn cleaner 
b. they burn more consistant 
c. they leave no soot or wax residue behind 
d. clean up is a breeze 
e. There is little smoke when they are blown out 

The best part is they are non toxic and the empty cells are completely recyclable.

Below is a few pictures of what they look like  floating and in a votive holder. I love how the flame of the floating candles reflect off the  water underneath the candle. Unlike disk wax candles the the candle blocked the reflection of light from underneath. 

clear votive with fuel cell candle 

stemmed candle holder with floating disk and cell candle 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Registering A Trademark

Over 7 months ago I started the trademark process for "Stylish Blooms. It has been a long process full of ups and downs. Mid process I was told by the USPTO examiner that  I wasn’t a flower shop and there for I couldn’t trademark “Stylish Blooms” as one.  This news actually made me cry because there was no other category that "Stylish Blooms" fit into and protecting my name from others using it was one of the reasons why I applied for the trademark. The fact is I do everything a flower shop does except I do not have a retail location . After many months of paper work  the trademark  for "Stylish Blooms" was approved and then finally published for opposition.

 Now that I am past all the legality of the trademark and the opposition period,  all I have to do is wait 12 weeks for the registration papers and then, and only then, can I start using the ® symbol.   I couldn’t be more excited about this!

After the time and money it took to actually get my trademark application to this point I take the ® symbol seriously and I think others businesses should as too. I see more and more businesses using the ® symbol without ever filing for a registration. Its easy to go to the USPTO website and search for any registered trademarks.  
Any business can use the ™, ℠ or even the  © symbol with out  filling for a federal registration, these symbols are also  known as  common law trademark. The  ® symbol  can only be used  after filing for and then receiving  official registration papers from the government.  Unlike a registered trademark (®),  a   common law trademark (™) or service mark (℠) hold little protection  in court. The only way to really protect your intelectual property is by  registering  each mark you want to protect from copyright with the USPTO. 

I am in no way claiming to be an expert with federal trademark registrations, I just know from this experience what symbols can and cannot  be used  and how they can be used in commerce. I just want others to take the ® symbol as serious as I do. I know how difficult  the process is to obtain the right to use the ® symbol  and it isn’t something that comes easily. Even after all this I still am not authorized to use the ® symbol. I have to wait for the paper from the USPTO office that says I can.  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Its all about the color purple

The most popular color is still Purple. Whether its light, dark or lavender,  mixed with white, green or used alone purple is by far the  most popular color palette with our clients.  Below is a few of our favorite designs that incorporate some shade of purple. 

Purple and green agains Plum dresses 

Purple anemones, Mokaras with white accents 

Purple and green  a perfect combination 
white roses, lavender freesia and dark purple lisianthus  
Brides bouquet of purple calla lilies and white roses 

photo by - 
Purple centerpiece 

Crystal candelabra with mix of purple and white flowers 

Purple Lisianthus boutonniere 

photo by -