Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Goodbye wax candles .... Hello fuel cells

Over the past 6 months I have phased out all wax candles in our rental votives and candelabras  by switching to fuel cell candles and now I am happy to say I have made the switch over for all our floating candles, making all our candles 100% wax free. 

 I have made the switch to fuel cell candles for a few reasons. 
a. they burn cleaner 
b. they burn more consistant 
c. they leave no soot or wax residue behind 
d. clean up is a breeze 
e. There is little smoke when they are blown out 

The best part is they are non toxic and the empty cells are completely recyclable.

Below is a few pictures of what they look like  floating and in a votive holder. I love how the flame of the floating candles reflect off the  water underneath the candle. Unlike disk wax candles the the candle blocked the reflection of light from underneath. 

clear votive with fuel cell candle 

stemmed candle holder with floating disk and cell candle 

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