Thursday, May 20, 2010

Did you Know.........

Flowers have faces just like we do. A good designer will know how to find the best side of the flower and make sure it is the first side you see when you look at the design. When working with blooms that have a distinct “face” the blooms should all face each other. Just like when you have your picture taken the photographer creates poses that  highlights your best features. The same applies when designing with flowers. For example these cymbidium orchid corsages seem the same, they have the  same bow and the same number of flowers. The only  difference is how they are designed.  In picture #1  the flowers all face each other creating a fuller look and highlights all the blooms.  In picture #2 the flowers are randomly placed and  you can’t see all the blooms at first, making  your eye wonder around  looking for a focal point.  So next time you see a flower see if you can find its "face".  

Monday, May 17, 2010

4 weddings 2 weekends... Let the designing begin

This week starts the beginning of 2 double wedding weekends in a row for us .  I can’t wait to start designing each of them. All 4 are different  in style, color and theme and I am just as excited to see each one come together. I prepped this weeks weddings today to make life easier. Saturdays wedding has a organic feel that will combine  green moss, grapevine, burlap, green, peas and  raffia with Blue, green and cream flowers. With all the textures and earthy elements its sure to be eye catching. Sundays wedding is simple and classic and will incorporate full size calla lilies. Each one is truly unique and represent each couples style perfectly.  Next weekends weddings are just as different Friday  nights incorporates corals, greens and creams with navy blue and pearl accents and Saturday we will  bring in bright pops of color and  stunning centerpieces of oranges, purples, hot pinks, greens and blues........ Stay tuned for more details and pictures from these 4 amazing events.