Friday, February 12, 2010

Say what you want!

I wanted to write but I am not sure what to "blog" about.. January was such a good month and so much happened that its hard to write about just one. From bridal shows to photo shoots to new bookings it was filled with growth. Thank you to Aurora Photography for being such a great supporter of Stylish Blooms. Its nice to know that my work is going noticed and that I have a great support system with other vendors. Together I know we will give Connecticut brides the best service around sharing our passion for what we do!

Being a young company isn't easy. Getting established, promoting and meeting clients is 24/7 job. Its a lot of work but it has been so rewarding. I wrote my business plan over 11 years ago as an assignment for a college business class and wouldn't change a thing. I look at it every now and then as a reminder of how far I have come and to keep me on track when things seem crazy. The critics can say what they want, they can throw stones and try to discredit the foundation of my business but none of that matters. I believe in what I do, and all that I have to offer and it seems my clients do too. And in the end its my clients that matter, not the critics.

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  1. Thank you Melissa it's been our pleasure to work with you and we've enjoyed having your beautiful designs in our fun amazing shoots so far this year there's only more fun and excitment to come!!