Saturday, October 23, 2010

David And Lidia

Last year I gave away a free wedding package as a promotion and also as a away for me to add some innovate designs to my portfolio. The catch was that the couple would have to give  me complete control of the flowers and designs. I would take into consideration the couples wedding colors and theme. After many application I choose  Lidia and David. I had met Lidia prior at a bridal show and loved her wedding theme and just knew I wanted to create something  different for her.  She also purchased centerpieces and extra decor and bouquets (her party was bigger than the package).   The end result was beautiful and captured them perfect as a couple . They both loved to garden and the outdoors and wanted to keep the flowers and designs  What she told me was the theme was butterflies and the wedding colors were orange and purple and the rest was left up to me. 
Below is the creations I made for their October wedding at Wickham Park. 

Lidias bouquet consisted of Ivory roses, cinnamon cymbidium orchids, Orange mokara orchids,  purple monte casino and bupleurum. The bouquet was swirled with lily grass blades and I then attached the orchids and butterflies to the blades of grass to give it the illusion they where fluttering around the bouquet.  Because Lidia loves to garden I also included hens and chicks in to her bouquet so that she could remove them  from her bouquet and plant them in her new yard. 

Another view of Lidias bouquet,  a butterfly  also accents the stem wrap

Davids Boutonniere consisted of  cinnamon cymbidium orchids
 as well as hens and chicks  

Groomsmen's boutonniere of orange mokara orchids 

The bridesmaids bouquets consisted of green hydrangea, orange mokara orchids, purple stock, orange freesia, hanging amaranthus, and scabiosa pods. 
Orange butterflies accented both the bouquet and the stem wrap 

I also hung paper lanterns in the tent at Wickham park 

And decorated the arch at Wickham park with matching florals and butterflies 


  1. Love the colors! The attention to details and the execution of the design!

  2. What size paper lanterns did you use???