Sunday, June 20, 2010

Price shopping

I was asked  a few weeks ago by a new client if I could look at a quote already given to her and if I thought I could beat the price she was given. All though I am as  budget friendly as they come,  this is something I simply can’t do. However  I explained to her that I could give her a price based  on my take of her vision and the look she wanted to achieve for her event, and  from that I would develop a proposal that worked with in her budget.  I advised her it would be best for us to meet so I could learn about her event, get to know her and also to show her what my company could offer her wedding.   She understood the reasons and was happy to meet to discuss all the many options I had for her.  So I thought I would share with you why this is something I can’t do blindly.

  I cant beat someone else’s price quote because:  

A: I do not know the quality or grade of flowers being used. I.e, 40cm roses versus 70cm roses or in this case the church pieces described “a mix of   seasonal” flowers does this “mix” include carnations and daisies, or  the real seasonal fall  “mix” such as zinnias and sunflowers?  

B: I do not know the sizes the quote is based on or the number of flowers the designer had intended to use for each piece. The

C: each designer uses different suppliers, different growers,  offers a different service and prices designs differently and thus makes it impossible to know what their final price is based on

 In cases like this I suggest a consultation so that I can show them what I have to offer and suggest ideas that work for their event and budget. I will then give a fair price based on my quality and my personalized service.  I met this client last week and not only was I able to give her a better price but was able to give her more than the original one she had presented, I even showed her options she never considered but loved. Its ok to shop around, In fact I encourage it, in the end choose the designer who you feel is best for your event and your vision and wallet.  

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