Sunday, July 18, 2010

Here we GROW again..

I started Stylish Blooms not just because I love flowers and designing, But also because I believe that every one should  have access to  flowers that are beautiful, personalized and affordable. My commitment and involvement to my clients is my number one priority and will always be no matter how much we grow. After much deliberating and consulting I have decided to make a few changes to some of my original policies.  These changes are necessary to help continue to grow and maintain the core values Stylish Blooms was born on.   These changes will also allow me to be better accommodating to my clients new and old and properly handle any new request. My involvement will never change and neither will my values, and  I will not be raising prices anytime soon. The changes are to delivery policies and service fees.  I will also be adding a few good people to the Stylish Blooms crew who are hand picked based on their talent and their abilities to represent Stylish Blooms accurately and professionally. This only applies to new contracts signed with Stylish Blooms. Every client who has already signed a contract will not be subject to any additional fees.  

Here is the new policy changes and they also can be found on our website at
Event Delivery 
Basic delivery is included with our services over $500. This includes 2 delivery locations within Connecticut.  A $35 fee will be added for each delivery location  requested beyond the included 2. A $35 fee will also be charged for any deliver request made 2 hours before start of the event. (unless deemed necessary or at the venues request) Events under a $1000 may be delivered by one of our trained employees. 
Events under $500 may either be picked up at our studio or can be delivered for a small fee of $35 to one location within Connecticut and may  be delivered by one of our trained employees. 
A $1000 Minimum is required for events located in NY, MA, RI, NH, VT and will incur a travel fee of $.50 per mile each way from zip code 06010 and will be serviced by myself   
For all other locations outside of new england please refer  to our
Basic delivery includes: 
Placing of centerpieces cake flowers and other arrangements  ordered for the reception, setting up of church/ceremony decor,  delivery of corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets.  All corsages and boutonnieres will be labeled  for easy distribution.
Please note that events that include the use of our Chuppah or Arch already included  the set up in the price and will be delivered and set up personally by myself. 
Rentals and decor instillations will be invoiced and billed separate from floral details and will require a rental agreement to be signed regardless of the rentals are free of use or not. 

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