Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feels Like Spring

Have a case of the winter blues? For $10 you can enjoy a little bit of spring in your home. With this quick and easy project  anyone can afford to enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers in their home/office.

Materials needed:

- Bud vases in any shape or color (these ones were from my great aunt)

- A bunch of fresh flowers from your local florist. $10 or so will be enough to do a grouping of 3 seasonal flowers

- Sharp knife or scissors


- Fill each vase with warm water and floral food packet provided by florist.

- Cut the bottom of each flower and place in to vases.  There is really no wrong way.
 Above I did a little grouping of heather, iris and daffodil - I could have put one flower in each vase and used the heather as fill in all the vases. The sky is the limit and

- Place in grouping and enjoy or use individually throughout your home/office

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