Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stock Photos

Time and time again I see the use of stock photos  being used to promote flowers. This makes my skin crawl. In a profession that is driven by creativity why would anyone want to use an image that isn't their work to promote themselves? I often wonder if prospective clients realize these images are stock photos and are not the work of the business.

 You would never want your caterer have you do a taste testing with food they didn't prepare or a photographer to show you a portfolio of images they didn't capture. So why has it become acceptable among florist to show images of bouquets they didn't make? 

I always try and show a prospective client my work and if I can't, I tell them this is an idea that I found that I think you might like. I  would never try to pass it off as my own designs.  Photos are a great way to convey to your florist your  likes and dislikes, but always  remember to ask to see pictures of the designers  most current work to make sure you like what you see.   Every designer is different and so should the images they use to promote their work.  

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