Thursday, September 8, 2011

Not All floral designers are created equal.

This question was asked to me last night by  a photographer friend - 

Whats your opinion"Have I asked you this before... Do you use those horrible White plastic flower holders?? ...... if you do are they particularly for cascade style bouquets?? I LOVE hand tied ones SO much better and they LAST thru out a wedding where as more and more the bride who get ones with the plastic holders their hands HURT and they are SO heavey and the flowers are falling out by the reception :(  on these"


Sometimes a design warrants the use of these bouquet holders.. Especially for designs that include water loving flowers such as  hydrangeas or for an intricate design that you need placement control over such as a cascade style bouquet. The big difference is how you use the holders.  

A cascade style bouquet is heavy and can start to hurt after holding it for awhile. Plastic holders are not  long enough or sturdy enough to distribute the weight of the bouquet evenly when being held for a long period.

 Below is a bouquet that I designed for a wedding on Sunday. Its in a holder but you can't tell. Just above our logo you can see the stems wrapped in ribbon.  The holder is covered in greenery and you can't even tell it is there. This is a design technique that creates a hand tied look, while giving the bride the comfort needed to hold such a bouquet on her wedding day and the flowers a constant water source . 

Not all floral designers are created equal. Be sure the florist you select for your wedding is properly trained and knows the techniques needed to design you a beautiful bouquet that is crafted well

Cascade bouquet 
Bride holding bouquet 

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