Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2 leaf rating from The Green Bride Guide

After receiving a 2 leaf green bride rating for the eco-friendly practices I uphold in my home studio, I started to think if I would be able to meet the floral needs of a completely eco-friendly Wedding. At first I couldn't see how it would be possible, but I knew somehow I could. So I started thinking of all the older florist I have worked for and about how they use to design. Maybe resorting back to the 40's might be the answer. What I learned is that it wasn't until the early 50's that floral foam was introduced. Bouquet holders didn't hit the scene until the early 80's. Before floral foam and bouquet holders the basic mechanics of designs consisted of Pin frogs, styrofoam, chicken wire, and wooden picks for stability. For weddings every flower was wired then taped and shaped to form bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. By todays standards even those practices are not very eco-friendly. So going back in time didn't really hold the answers I was looking for. So I continued looking until it occurred to me that the hardest part isn't finding eco-friendly or locally grown flowers but how to use them in todays designs without modern floral mechanics. I thought about what I know about mechanics and how its easy to swap a wire for this or a piece tape for that. Vola! That was the key and the answer. The answer I knew all along. The simpler the design the easier it would be to change the modern mechanics holding it together for an eco-friendly alternative. It would be completely impossible for me to stop using tape, wire and glue, after all thats how some of the trendiest looks and styles are achieved. But it is possible to offer alternatives for those who are looking for them. I started to think of some alternatives I have used in place of traditional mechanics before and realized I have created eco-friendly designs without even knowing it. Some alternatives we have used have been binding hand tied bouquets with natural fibers such as hemp or raffia. Boutonnieres fashioned with the stems exposed and secured with blades of grass. Swapping standard corsages, that may require glue, tape and wire for hand held garden posies or a hand tied corsage requiring little tape and wire. We have also designed arrangements for ceremonies and receptions using rental items filled with reusable non-organic items, such as pin frogs, aqua gems and river rocks to help stabilize the design. We have created natural armatures and grids by filling vases and containers with natural materials such as mosses, fruits and branches and other organic components. I knew this is something we could offer our brides. The answer I needed was there all along. Using my creativity and using natures resources goes along way! It is completely possible for me to meet the needs of green brides and I cant wait to show off my eco-friendly designing skills!

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